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What are the benefits of hiring disability aids while on holiday?

When on holiday a disabled traveller may need certain aids that are invaluable when they are at home. The size of some of these aids may present a challenge to bring them on holiday, or perhaps in order to enjoy a holiday the extra use of disabled aids will make the holiday just that more enjoyable. For example, perhaps you are used to a manual wheelchair when at home. This perhaps is sufficient for your needs. However, the hire of an electric wheelchair or mobility scooter may make travel around a foreign town that much easier.

Thats where the short term rental of a mobility scooter would prove most useful. The same applies for all the other aids you use. Why transport them all the way to your holiday destination when you can have them waiting for you when you arrive via a rental company.

golf buggy
Another example of where hire of disability aids would prove useful are when quite a number of different disabled equipment is needed. It is possible that the transportation of a large number of items would be impracticable, so to arrange the hire and delivery of items like walking aids, sleeping aids, toilet and bathroom aids, incontinence products to the property or hotel you will be staying at beforehand could be an option you would consider.

Maybe your holiday accommodation does not provide the disable access you need, then this would be another area where the hire of disability aids and equipment would be able to turn an inaccessible property into an adapted property.

How would this work? Well, think about a scenario of where you rent a property where the bathroom is not adapted into a wet room. You may then want to arrange the hire of a bath hoist, a toilet raiser or some other disability aid. In effect you have temporarily turned an inaccessible property into a disabled friendly zone.

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